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Our Story

Three generations of serving the Launceston community.

My name is Susie, and this is our family restaurant.

In the 1960’s, my great grand uncle opened one of the first Chinese restaurants in Tasmania called ‘The New Hong Kong’ located on Cameron Street.

In 1991, my parents opened the first self-serve Chinese restaurant in Tasmania called ‘The Hoong Fatt Chinese Restaurant’, located on Brisbane Street, opposite City Park.

My Family

Before migrating to Australia, my dad was a highly regarded chef in China. He has won multiple awards and even ranked third in a competition held within the whole of Canton City.

Up until 2003, Hubby and I worked alongside my parents, managing one of their two restaurants. In 2004, we established our own family restaurant here at Margaret Street and have remained here serving our community ever since.

Our philosophy

Our chef, who goes by the English name of George, has over 20 years experience cooking Cantonese cuisine.

With the exception of a few items, most of our dishes are prepared from scratch using high quality fresh ingredients – including our sauces and our dim sim and spring roll fillings.

We source as much produce as possible locally, including premium Tasmanian beef, Scottsdale pork, RSPCA-approved chicken from Nichol’s Poultry, vegetables from Young’s Veggie Shed and honey from local farmers.

The use of fresh, quality ingredients helps us support other local businesses while adding to our customers’ enjoyment of an authentic Cantonese dining experience.