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Always disclose your food allergies when ordering

GLUTEN - Please order from our Gluten-Free menu

We wish to advise our customers that all menu items marked as “gluten-free” are made separately and with great care. However, we cannot 100% guarantee no cross-contamination as all food is made within the same kitchen. We are pleased to advise that in the 20+ years we have been open, providing gluten free options to our valued customers, we have only received positive feedback.

NUTS - Contained in all Cashew nuts dishes and Satay dishes.

Egg - Contained in: Omelette, Chicken and Corn Soup, Dim Sim pastry, Crispy Fried Noodles and All Fried Rices (we can cook Fried Rice without egg on request, please expect a longer wait time)

Sesame - Contained in Prawn Toast and Satay Sauce. We also add Sesame oil to our dishes for its aromatic qualities (please request if you do not want that)

Fish & Crustacea - All Deep fried dishes are cooked in the same oil as Battered Fish and Battered Prawns, therefore cross-contamination of these dishes is expected. We have plenty of other options available; such as our stir-fry dishes.

Mushrooms - Fresh Mushrooms and Chinese Mushrooms may be in some stir fry dishes. Also contained in our dark soy sauce used in our cooking (can be substituted with mushroom-free soy on request)

Milk - Apart from Desserts and certain beverages, none of our dishes contain milk.

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