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Always disclose your food allergies when ordering

GLUTEN - Please order from our Gluten-Free menu

We wish to advise our customers that all menu items marked as “gluten-free” are made separately and with great care. However, we cannot 100% guarantee no cross-contamination as all food is made within the same kitchen. We are pleased to advise that in the 18 years we have been open, providing gluten free options to our valued customers, we have only received positive feedback.

NUTS - Contained in all Cashew nuts dishes and Satay dishes.

Egg - Contained in: Omelette, Chicken and Corn Soup, Dim Sim pastry, Crispy Fried Noodles and All Fried Rices (we can cook Fried Rice without egg on request, please expect a longer wait time)

Sesame - Contained in Prawn Toast and Satay Sauce. We also add Sesame oil to our dishes for its aromatic qualities (please request if you do not want that)

Fish & Crustacea - All Deep fried dishes are cooked in the same oil as Battered Fish and Battered Prawns, therefore cross-contamination of these dishes is expected. We have plenty of other options available; such as our stir-fry dishes.

Mushrooms - Fresh Mushrooms and Chinese Mushrooms may be in some stir fry dishes. Also contained in our dark soy sauce used in our cooking (can be substituted with mushroom-free soy on request)

Milk - Apart from Desserts and certain beverages, none of our dishes contain milk.

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